Moore Financial Service Group

Reduce Financial Stress

A single mother sought our advice because she could not save for college or retirement even though she made over $85,000 in income. We performed a cash-flow analysis and created a cash-flow management system that enabled her to:

  • Identify areas of overspending
  • Implement strategies to reduce her debt
  • Eliminate hidden fees and expenses
She was able to comfortably meet her saving & investment goals and save for college.

Reduce Taxes on Retirement Income

A client referred a co-worker who discovered that her assumptions about retirement were wrong. With less than a month to retirement she needed help quickly. We developed a plan that reduced her taxes in her first year of retirement by $20,169; maximized her Social Security benefit and generated guaranteed monthly income for life.

An Overall Financial Plan

A two-income family, with little time for managing financial matters, asked us to review their financial situation. We identified opportunities for improvements in retirement planning and funding, insurance coverage, budgeting, savings, investment risk, tax savings, education funding, and care for children in case of the parents’ premature deaths. Following the clients’ review and request for further assistance, we helped them to achieve these improvements.

Debt Free before retirement

A couple 8 years from retirement had accumulated over $100,000 in credit card debt. They were concerned they would not be able to pay off the debt within that time frame. They wanted a strategy to eliminate the debt. We developed a plan that would pay off the debt within two years and save $40,000 in interest payment.

Business investment evaluation

A client wanted to invest $45,000 in his friend’s business. His wife insisted that he spoke to us before making the investment. We visited the business site asked a few operational and marketing questions and analyzed the financials. Based on our analysis we recommended to our client not to make the investment. They did not invest three months later the business closed.

Investment Review

A retired widow asked us to give her a second opinion on her investment portfolio. Her goal was preserving her assets. We annualized her psychological and financial risk tolerance then her investment selection to see if it fit her goals. The portfolio was too aggressive and unpredictable for her age and goals. We then worked with her to restructure her portfolio. This gave her peace of mind. (her response “Now I can sleep nights”.)